Safety is important to our company because of the many costs of incidents/accidents and unsafe work practices. The greatest costs are human. By protecting our workers, we are also protecting their families, friends, fellow workers, management, public and the environment from the far-reaching effects of serious incidents.

Our company has also incorporated in it is organization all the implements required by OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 standards certificates.

Success of our safety program is our worker’s knowledge and compliance with policies, practices and procedures.

All employees are responsible for obeying government regulations, safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures and the use of personal protective equipment when required. Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist.

The HSE Team is proud to bring you important information for both your work and home environments. We believe the mark of an effective HSE Program is that our employees return home in the same condition in which they arrived at the beginning of their shift, and that they remain safe while they are at home as well.